middle of the world.JPG

Middle Of The World

Quito: Day 2, Package 1

casa gangotena.JPG

Casa Gangotena

Day 3



Quito’s Gondola Ride

casa 1028.JPG

Casa 1028

Day 3 Of Package 1


Fragata Yacht

Day 4

devils nose.jpg

Devil’s Nose

Day 5 of the Package 1


Samari Spa Resort

Day 5


Robles Spa

Day 7

la mirage garden hotel.jpeg

La Mirage Garden Hotel & Spa

Day 8

museo guayasamin.jpg

Guayasamin his art, his legacy and the Museums

Day 9


Termas Papallacta

Day 9


Suggested free apps to download before your trip to Ecuador: 
(use Apple App Store and Google Play buttons for the links to all apps)

Notyouraverageamerican.com: Must-have apps for your travel to Ecuador

GoUIO (Quito’s official app)           App Store    Google Play

Middle of the World                           App Store    Google Play

Cabify                                                          App Store    Google Play 

Uber (with $2 off on 3 rides)          App Store    Google Play

Waze                                                            App Store    Google Play

Whatsapp                                                 App Store    Google Play

Google Translate                                   App Store    Google Play

*Apps like Grindr, Scruff and Growlr are very popular in Ecuador as well.