Could Ecuador be the Perfect Vacation Destination?

What’s your vacation personality? Are you a nature enthusiast who loves mountains? Maybe you’re a history buff who admiresarchitecture? Perhaps you’re an adrenaline junkie wanting toexperience a wild jungle? Or maybe you’re an animal lover dreaming of seeing wildlife in its natural habitat?

Maybe you’re a bit of each. Maybe you’re all of them.

Have far do you have to travel to find a place with everything you’re looking for? And how much will that cost?

Maybe you’re thinking you’ll have to cross the Atlantic to find mountains like the Italian Alps or architecture like Spain’s. Maybe you’re thinking jungle adventures cost a fortune like in Costa Rica. Maybe you’re thinking you’ll have to visit 10 countries to see all the animals you’re curious about.

What if there was a place that offered all these attractions—and more? What if it was only a 4-hour trip from Florida? And what if it cost less than what you’d spend in Europe or Central America? 

Well, there’s good news. Such a place exists— Ecuador. 

Ecuador is located on South America’s western coast. It has tonsof natural beauty, history, adventure sports and wildlife. 

Plus, it’s only 4 hours from Fort Lauderdale. And it costs much less than you’re used to paying for a vacation. Could Ecuador be the world’s best-kept secret? 

If you want to escape city life and reconnect with nature, Ecuador has everything: mountains, volcanoes, jungles and hot springs. 

Enjoy the amazing beauty of crater lakes like Quilotoa and Cuicocha. Hike Cotopaxi, a snow-capped, active volcano. Relax in the Papallacta Hot Springs while gazing at the Andes. If nature’s what you want, Ecuador is the place. 

If you’d rather explore history and culture, fear not, Ecuador haslots of to offer. 

The capital, Quito, has the largest historic center in the Americas. Plus, it’s is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Museo Templo del Sol. Observe the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Plaza Grande. Explore the Spanish Baroque architecture at Church of the Society of Jesus. If you’re a history fan, you’ll definitely stay busy.

If, you’re looking for more of an adrenaline hit, Ecuador also fits the bill. 

Soar over the jungle at Swing at the End of the World in Baños. Cross Devil’s Cauldron while 100- meter waterfalls gush below your feet. Plunge into the heart of the Amazonian jungle on a jungle safari. Even the most extreme adrenaline junkies will be satisfied with Ecuador’s offerings. 

If it’s diverse and unique wildlife you seek, look no further than Ecuador. 

The Galapagos Islands have over 200 animal species, with manyunique to the island. Travel to Primicias Ranch to get close to the Galapagos Tortoises. Observe marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins and blue-footed boobies on the Tintoreras islets. Head to Rabida Island to see a bachelor sea lion colony, pelicans and finches. If you love wildlife, there’s no better place than Ecuador.

Ecuador has everything you’ve been looking for out of your next vacation: natural beauty, fascinating history, blood-pumping adventures and amazing wildlife. 

And all this just 4 hours from Florida. And cheaper than a similar vacation somewhere else. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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Juan Maldonado